Blogging Is Really A Free Online Marketing Method

I know that for anyone who is really new to the world of internet marketing it can be really confusing to understand how it all works out. But really, especially when you are just starting, what you need to do is NOT make it more complicated than it really is.

You must have a website. Beginners, for some reason, believe they can get into DNA Wealth Blueprint bonus without a website. That simply isn’t true. 99%, or higher, of all people who are having success on the Internet now days have their own websites. I’m not talking about the free sites available. Purchasing your own domain and your own hosting account are basic requirements for online success.

You make money by offering things like free trials, registrations, free downloads, but you can also make them through sales. If you have been watching the current trends on the Internet over the year, you have seen that cpa marketing is picking up steam, but not many people use it. The thing is, most of the information given says you have to be an SEO mastermind or a super affiliate using Adwords in order to make money.

Now sending traffic to sales page using the facebook ads network is risky business especially when your spending large amounts on it. Again this is a direct approach. You need a personal profile in order to create an ad using their network. Once you create an ad you can send the traffic to your sales page. Obviously it will be more expensive because Facebook don’t appreciate users sending traffic outside of the site. Therefore I suggest you build a Facebook page and send the traffic there. You will need to embed your sales page within your Facebook page using an iframe to make this work.

Where are they training you? Is it at a live event? These are the best! Or is it a webnair or conference call? How is the information shared? Does this fit in with how you learn the best? Some people are better visual learners.

Is this rocket science? Not at all. I can almost guarantee you that if you are not doing this that your conversions suck. I can almost guarantee you that if you begin doing this that your conversions will improve, assuming that you can write decent copy and your offer doesn’t suck.